Two extraordinary experiences

Would you like to see with your own eyes how organic Parmigiano is produced and how a  zero km farm works?

We will be happy to show you! You will be able to see the courtyard with the cows that graze freely, the milking and how  they transform the milk into cheese. The owner will explain all the process in detail and you can ask any questions you  like. The tour will finish with a tasting session of the various matured cheeses and you will have the possibility to buy Parmigiano at very advantageous prices, which can also be sent worldwide.

After the tour you will enjoy a delicious lunch at a typical local restaurant.

After lunch you will have the second experience: The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

An exclusive location, one of the most famous Acetaia, a place full of passion and history where the tradition of Modena is preserved.

You’ll be educated on the authentic DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which is not easy to find at the supermarket! 

The market is honestly too full of fake products that confuse the people who would like to look for a good one. The real one, the authentic DOP, is very easy to  recognize but the problem is that all the advertising talks about industrial products, in other words the ones made to be a business, unlimited production, cheap and made in a hurry while the authentic DOP needs up to an incredible 25 years before it is ready!

The reason why locals love  Balsamic Vinegar  so much, the Traditional one, is because it has  represented a great part of the local culture for more than a thousand years and  it has existed in the  Modena district at least since Roman times.

Taste the products and you’ll be able to understand the difference by yourself.