ferrari tour

                                                                                              AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE

This tour gives you the opportunity to live the  emotion  of piloting a Formula One motor racing car simulator.

At the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena there are two semi-professional simulators at the disposal of who would like to experience the excitement of driving a Ferrari Formula 1 racing car on some of the most famous circuits.

The simulator lets you feel the road surface, reacts realistically when you mount the curbs and, above all, has an extraordinary sensitivity to acceleration and braking that allows you to experience the thrill of speed behind the wheel of such a sophisticated vehicle.

Before starting you will receive a briefing by a pilot or technician who will explain how to use the gear system (F1 cars have levers on the back of the steering wheel) and which gears to use at the most important points of the circuit.

It is possible to add to this experience an food and wine tour as this area is famous for its Parmigiano cheese and  balsamic vinegar.

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