Intrigues At The Medici Court

The dynasty that shaped the destiny of Florence shone a light on the City of the Renaissance thoughout its history. But there’s a dark side too: assassinations, conspiracies, forbidden love stories, coups, political oustings… For over 300 years the most important family of this city had to face external and internal threats all the time; some Medicis had to survive the plots of great and powerful enemies from beyond their borders, other Medicis couldn’t trust their closest allies or sometimes even their own family.

Walking through the city centre amongst the Palaces and the churches that the Medici family built for the glory of their dynasty, we will get to know some of the most notable Medicis in history. We will discover where assassination attempts took place, who poisoned his own sibling, how a double murder almost put an end to the family and more thrilling stories of intrigue at the Medici court. 
Note: This is a walking tour. We will visit the monuments only from outside.

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