Florence With An Architect

Discover the Renaissance through the eyes of its architects, from Alberti and Brunelleschi to Michelangelo. Architecture has always been the experimental ground for the other art forms and this city is an open air museum of grand palaces, churches and monuments that show us the development from the medieval tower-houses to the renaissance palaces.
Our guide is an architect himself and will walk you through some of the most important landmarks of the history of architecture: great masterpieces of engineering and creativity. We will talk about perspective, the classical orders in architecture, Brunelleschi’s amazing dome for the Cathedral of Florence, Michelangelo’s symbology inside the Medici mausoleum and much more.

Note: We will be going into a church so make sure you have appropriate clothing (to cover your shoulders and knees). Admission into the Medici Chapels is included.

For current availability, prices and to book a tour please send us a request.